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Making difficult decisions alone is not an easy task for anybody. If you are looking for in-home health care services for yourself or a loved one, it can be even more difficult. Don’t try to make this choice all on your own when you can contact the Brooklyn Park Centric Healthcare to help set up in-home care services that you need. We have a staff full of trained professionals who are eager to help you find the care and medical attention you or a loved one may need. 

Centric Healthcare is fully licensed throughout the state of Minnesota to provide In-home health care services to those that may be suffering from mobility issues, those that may need senior care, or several other health and independent living issues. Call us today to set up a free care consultation.


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Our In-Home Care Services in Brooklyn Park, MN

Home Health Services in Brooklyn Park, MN

Much of what Centric Healthcare is medically centered, but we offer many services to help those that do not require medical assistance but can still use a little extra help. These non-medical tasks can include personal grooming, help running errands, or cleaning, and light housekeeping. For these services, we have a dedicated team of home health aides that can handle the things you may not be able to on your own. More than a physical aide, our home health aides help provide companionship and comfort for those that may otherwise be alone.

Pediatric Home Nurse in Brooklyn Park, MN

There can be times when someone may require more constant medical attention or care than the family or other caregivers can provide. Our private duty nursing services are designed to help patients of any age that require extra medical attention for a variety of reasons such as recovering after surgery, falling critically ill, or some other mobility-limiting issue. In many of these cases, there are a series of follow-up visits with doctors or lengthy hospital stays, but providing in-home private duty nursing services to these patients can reduce the amount of time spent at the doctor’s office or hospital. Many of the checkup procedures and testing can be done at home with your private duty nurse, who will also record all vital information for your doctors and caregivers.

Senior Independent Living in Brooklyn Park, MN

The most common thing we hear from our clients and their families is the need to live an independent lifestyle. While this may mean different things to different people, Centric Healthcare has the services to fit every need and scenario. Our comprehensive in-home health and independent living services can be personalized to fit you or your loved one’s way of life. These services can be both medical and non-medical and will always be delivered by a trained professional that only wants the best for you. Non-medical assistance can include a wide range of things from cooking and lighthouse cleaning to arranging transportation and making appointments. The goal is always to provide the highest level of service every time.

Skilled Nursing Care in Brooklyn Park, MN

Growing older doesn’t have to be something that limits what you can do from day today. Instead, inquire about our senior home care services to get a helping hand when you need it the most. We can provide both medical and non-medical assistance and care around the clock or whenever you need it. Centric Healthcare can provide long- or short-term care and services from trained, licensed, and medical staff that will treat you with respect and dignity. We provide senior home care to thousands of clients throughout the Brookly Park area that have suffered an illness or injury, recuperating after a surgery or medical procedure, or are simply dealing with getting older and living an independent lifestyle.

Learn more about our other home health care services.

We Provide the Best In-Home Care in Brooklyn Park, MN

At Centric Healthcare, we want you to feel your very best in mind, body, and spirit. This is why we take a comprehensive approach to in-home health care services and procedures. As a fully licensed in-home health care provider, our team has the unique ability to create a service plan that is tailor-made to fit your lifestyle, needs, and schedule. We work closely with your physicians and caregivers to ensure we provide exactly what is needed to help you relax, feel better, and live more independently. 

Centric Healthcare already cares for thousands of patients and their families in and around Brooklyn Park. We offer a wide range of services to help those in need of in-home care at any age or stage of life. This includes pediatric home care, private nurse service, and senior independent living services. Our only goal is to help you or your loved one live a happy, fruitful, and more independent life by providing a little extra help when you need it the most. Contact one of our friendly staff members about our services and to see how we can help you.

Why Choose Centric Healthcare?

Centric Healthcare is proud to already be providing in-home health care services to thousands of families throughout the Brooklyn Park area. We are fully licensed in the state of Minnesota and offer a wide range of services. This allows us to more easily customize a service or care plan that meets all of your needs right in the comfort of your own home. 

Our staff aims to provide you with the highest level of service. This can be seen through our multiple online reviews on sites like Facebook and Google. We treat every client as if they were our own family because that is how we would want someone to treat our family. Contact us to inquire about in-home health care in Brooklyn Park, and let’s see how we can help you today.

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“Centric Healthcare has services available that I had not imagined – this opens opportunities to bring stability back into my medical condition. They interact with my various specialists and Primary care provider professionally and with intention. A good portion of the burden of managing my health has been assumed by Centric Healthcare, allowing my family to be out from the pressure and constant anxiety – to be a family once again. I recommend Centric Healthcare.

Jeff Brunn

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