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So many times we go through difficult life changes or major decisions alone when we don’t need to. Finding a quality in-home health care service provider should not be a decision you have to make alone. 

Centric Healthcare is here to help those in Zumbrota and the surrounding cities find the right in-home health care solutions for their needs. Our staff knows how confusing things can be when you are trying to find a solution that fits your exact needs and wants. There is a wide range of in-home health care services available throughout the Zumbrota area, making it easy for us to work with you and your care team to ensure all needs are met. 

Centric Healthcare is fully licensed in the state of Minnesota and conveniently has offices located throughout the state and Zumbrota region.


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Our In-Home Care Services in Zumbrota, MN

Home Health Services in Zumbrota, MN

Growing older should not mean being forced into a nursing home or hospital. You have spent your whole life working to be as independent as possible, and Centric Healthcare wants to make sure you can continue to do just that. Our Senior Home Care services can be tailored to fit your needs and cover both medical and non-medical service types. Senior Home Care can be used short-term to help recovery after surgery or a major medical procedure, or you can choose to use a more long-term approach to your in-home senior care.

Pediatric Home Nurse in Zumbrota, MN

Centric Healthcare wants to be able to provide the most specific care to our clients. This is why offer Private Duty Nursing to help with long-term, short-term, and transitional care. Our Private Duty Nurse services are here to provide the medical attention one may need after surgery, major medical procedure, or due to age or chronic illness. This type of service can be used to help replace lengthy hospital stays or a lot of doctor visits as the care is provided within your residence. When there are trips or appointments to be had, our private nursing staff can help to make sure there are no slips, falls, or accidents along the way. Private Duty Nurse tasks can include an assortment of medical-related activities, such as injection and medication administration, gastronomy care, and respiratory treatments.

Senior Independent Living in Zumbrota, MN

Living and aging gracefully can require a little help from time to time. That is why Centric Healthcare proudly offers Senior Independent Living services to help our clients that need a little extra help due to age live full and productive lives. These services can cover both non-medical and medical types of tasks for long or short periods. Senior Independent Living services are not only great for the clients, but they are a real relief for the family members and other caregivers that work so hard day in and day out. Our trained professional staff can help with several tasks to create a life where you or your loved one can age gracefully and on their terms.

Skilled Nursing Care in Zumbrota, MN

There are times when you or someone close to you are dealing with an illness, injury, or other condition that requires a steady stream of minor medical care such as injections od ostomy care. In many cases, these types of procedures would require extra trips to the hospital or doctor’s office. With the help of a skilled nurse or trained professional, these sorts of trips can be kept to a minimum as the care is now administered in your home or residence. Our Skilled Nursing Care service aims to focus on the direct duties associated with the patient’s medical needs.

Learn more about our other home health care services.

We Provide the Best In-Home Care in Zumbrota, MN

Centric Healthcare is the premier in-home health care service provider in Zumbrota. We have a wider selection of services and products to help you or your loved one find the comfort, care, and independence they deserve. Our staff is full of truly caring individuals that come from diverse professional and personal backgrounds. This allows us to more easily customize a treatment plan that suits your needs best. These in-home health care solutions can be long-term, short-term, medical, and non-medical. Our only goal is to help ensure the residents of Zumbrota can live in their homes and enjoy their independence for as long as possible. 

Our comprehensive in-home health care services are patient-centered and tailored to fit each patient’s specific needs, Our team works closely with you, your family and your physicians to make sure we are giving the best possible service and care we can. We already help thousands of clients across the state of Minnesota enjoy a life of purpose, well-being, and independence. If you or someone you know may need in-home health care and medical services, call or visit us to see how Centric Healthcare can help you.

Why Choose Centric Healthcare?

When it comes to the health and well-being of our family or other loved ones, the most important thing is that they are being cared for by someone you can trust. Centric Healthcare is licensed throughout the entire state of Minnesota and already serves thousands of individuals and families all over the Zumbrota area. Our team of professionals has worked tirelessly to earn the trust of each of our clients, and we are ready to do the same for you. 

Our comprehensive range of in-home health care services allows us to work with your care providers to customize a solution that works for you. We can treat a variety of conditions and can easily accommodate days, nights, long-term, short-term, and almost any other type of schedule. If you or a loved one may need in-home care services, speak with Centric Healthcare to see what we can do to make your life a little easier.

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“Centric Healthcare has services available that I had not imagined – this opens opportunities to bring stability back into my medical condition. They interact with my various specialists and Primary care provider professionally and with intention. A good portion of the burden of managing my health has been assumed by Centric Healthcare, allowing my family to be out from the pressure and constant anxiety – to be a family once again. I recommend Centric Healthcare.

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