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Caregiver roles are vastly complex, and they differ for everyone depending on the needs of the individual receiving the care. When most people think of home health care, they generally associate it with care for those who are physically injured or have an illness. However, mental health is an essential part of overall health, and it can have a direct effect on physical well-being. For the caregiver, home care for mentally ill loved ones can require giving a great deal of yourself. Here at Centric Healthcare, we believe that mental health is unquestionably tied to physical health, and our mental health services are designed to make a positive impact on your loved one’s quality of life.

As a comprehensive home health care service provider, Centric Healthcare can meet your every need, including behavioral health services for our clients residing in Rochester, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding cities in Minnesota. Whether it is with services for a mental health aide or mental health therapist and for short-term or long-term care, we can help with in home mental health care for adults who have a qualifying mental health condition that may include, but is not limited to:

Major Depression

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

Schizophrenia Disorders

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Our home care for mentally ill services can assist caregivers and their loved ones with a wide range of mental health services, including developing stress management skills, learning to identify their feelings and exploring the various ways in which the relationship between mental health and family has affected their lives.

Our Mental & Behavioral Home Health Services

Because chronic or debilitating illnesses, strokes, and traumatic accidents can disrupt normal cognitive function, many patients who have been victims of these events experience various forms of mental illness afterward. Treating the symptoms associated with mental illness is an important factor in making a complete recovery. Let’s take a look at what mental health services are typically provided:

Evaluating your response to certain medications and intervening if the side effects of those medications are causing mental health issues.

Chronic medical problems tend to lead to feelings of low self worth and depression and need the help of a counselor in order to learn to cope with those feelings.

Counselors can help with issues stemming from pain, grief and loss, which have a tendency to create various forms of anxiety, mood and personality disorders as well.

Mental health counselors not only instruct you about mental health issues, symptoms and medications, but also help to instruct your caregiver or caregivers concerning what to expect and how to help with your treatment.

Because some mental health conditions include symptoms that are potentially dangerous to your physical health, counseling for mental health issues and mental therapy is not only a part of helping restore you to full wellness, but it can also help maintain safety for you and those around you.

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Therapeutics for a Variety of Conditions

For many people, home is the best possible place for learning to manage behavioral and mental health issues. The combination of familiar surroundings, family, and friends tend to provide the most comfortable environment for working on mental health and independent functioning. As a behavioral health provider for the residents of Rochester, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, our in-home mental health care team communicates regularly with all who are involved in your loved one’s care to ensure the client’s specific needs are met. In addition, our communication with caregivers and family is ongoing. Our goal is to provide your loved one with the utmost highest quality of mental health home care possible while keeping you informed and involved in the process.

As part of the behavioral health services, our experienced team will work closely with the client’s primary care physician, psychiatrists, and other mental health provider services. We also coordinate efforts with family members and caregivers who are involved with treatment. Our behavioral health services are designed to improve the client’s quality of life, assist with maintaining a connection between the client and the community, and prevent hospitalization. Our in-home mental health care team members are fully screened and have extensive experience with the various degrees and demands of mental health services. We have flexible scheduling, and we can help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are a resident of Rochester, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding cities in Minnesota and want to learn about our mental health services, please contact Centric Healthcare.

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is not just the absence of a mental disorder or disease which affects cognitive function but is an appropriate balance of how one sees oneself, others around them and how they react in those relationships. The measure of a person’s mental health varies in degrees in a similar manner to their physical health. When all psychological and cognitive functions are working at optimum levels a person is considered mentally healthy and when those functions are disrupted or not working at optimum levels a person is experiencing some sort of disorder or illness.

Why Might I Need a Mental Health Counselor?

There are a number of indicators which point to the need for a mental health counselor. Though there are many signs and symptoms, there are five major ones that should tip you off quickly:

Ongoing anger, sadness or melancholy that you just can’t seem to shake off.

You are abusing alcohol, drugs, sex and even food as a means to escape or cope.

You have experienced loss and are grieving, which is normal, but you just can’t seem to move forward.

You just can’t bring yourself to do things that you have always enjoyed doing.

You have experience an accidental or violent trauma or have been through a major, debilitating illness and your mind just doesn’t seem to be working right.

If any or several of these indicators apply to you, then it is best that you seek out a mental health counselor in order to have a mental health evaluation performed and receive the help you need to be restored to mental wellness.

What Occurs in a Mental Health Evaluation?

A mental health evaluation is an interview with a licensed professional counselor whose objective is to assess the functioning level of emotions, cognitive function, and behavior. It is a great deal like any other doctor visit in which you answer questions concerning the various symptoms you have been experiencing as well as which medications (prescribed or over-the-counter), you have been taking. From the responses you give to these questions, your counselor will either conduct further testing or issue a diagnosis and the best therapeutic options to treat your condition.

What are the Benefits of Mental Health Therapy?

Though a great deal more focus is often placed on physical health and physical therapy, mental therapy is as important to achieving complete wellness. Mental health therapy and mental health services include a wide variety of benefits. Among those benefits are:

Intervention and adjustments to medications, which might be causing emotional, cognitive or behavioral side effects.

Providing instruction to you and your caregiver or caregivers concerning your symptoms and condition.

Making certain that you and those around you are safe from dangerous risks that might harm those around you.

Identifying and training you to use tools for coping with the symptoms you are experiencing.

Repairing and enhancing relationships with self, interpersonal relationships and social relationships.

Improving cognitive function and behavior adjustments associated with decreased cognitive function.

Decreased number and cost of doctor visits due to physiological manifestations that are a result of psychological conditions.

Prescribing necessary medications to help balance chemical imbalances which might be causing decreased cognitive function or mental wellness.

A greater sense of hope that you can return to a normal, happy life.

These benefits are certainly reason enough to contact a mental health counselor for an evaluation of your condition and get the treatment you need. Do not allow the stigma of having a mental health condition keep you from getting the help you need and experiencing the full spectrum of wellness.


The process of choosing a home health care provider can be an overwhelming and scary process, so please know that we understand. If you need any information, have questions or concerns about the services available to the residents of Rochester, MN, and the surrounding cities or the qualifications necessary for home care services, please feel free to contact us by phone or online. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can. We are happily available to address any of your concerns.

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