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pediatric home nurse

Pediatric Home Nurse

If you have a child who has daily medical needs that are overwhelming for you and your family, pediatric home health services may be the answer. We can provide a variety of home health care services to newborns, children, adolescents, and young adults that will improve the quality of life for your child and the entire family. Services include pediatric private duty nursing, care for chronic diseases, oxygen and ventilator therapy and much more.

Private Duty Nursing

Recovering from an accident, long-term illness or surgery requires time. Frequently, patients who are considered healthy enough to be discharged from the hospital are still in need of ongoing care. This often means transferring to an assisted living facility from the hospital. If you would rather recuperate at home, then contact Centric Healthcare. Our skilled, private duty nurses can provide around the clock care that you can trust.

home health services

Senior Home Care

Aging seniors facing health challenges can have many needs taken care of in their homes through senior home health services. Our trained professionals can provide grooming and personal care, light household duties and meal preparation, companionship and similar tasks on an as-needed basis. For medically involved situations, licensed nurses are available for daytime or around-the-clock skilled nursing services and daily care to keep loved ones out of the hospital.

Physical Therapy

After suffering an illness or injury, it can take weeks or months to get your body back into the condition to perform everyday tasks. Physical therapy is designed to help you to get moving again, and with Centric Healthcare, there’s no need to leave your house to receive this care. By working with a qualified physical therapist, you’ll develop coordination, strength, and balance. You’ll also experience an alleviation of the painful, debilitating symptoms that are keeping you from living life to the fullest.

skilled nursing care

Skilled Nursing Care

While skilled nursing services are most often received at hospitals and assisted living centers, it also is possible to have these services performed in your home. Skilled nursing services ensure that you are able to recover with proper wound care, management of your medications, delivery, and administration of intravenous medications and ostomy and catheter care. More people are able to recover comfortably at home thanks to skilled nursing care.

Occupational Therapy

If you have suffered from a stroke, a long-term illness, an accident or other debilitating events, then you may know how challenging it can be to cope with everyday tasks. Many people in this situation can recall how easily they used to do things like walking out to the mailbox or enjoying some exercise. With occupational therapyprovided in your own home, you may be able to regain the functionality and coordination that will make it possible for you to live more independently.

Mental Health Services

Balanced mental health is a necessity for a positive, productive lifestyle. Unfortunately, many factors can contribute to conditions that negatively affect behaviors and perceptions. Physical health issues also may exacerbate these conditions. At Centric Healthcare, we recognize how critical good mental health is. That’s why we offer services from mental health counselors. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of an accident or a chronic illness or just feel that your outlook isn’t as positive as it used to be, you could benefit from our mental health services.

medication therapy management

Medication Therapy Management

How many prescription medications are you required to take on a daily basis? Do you know with certainty that these medications do not interact harmfully with each other or that one does not negate the effects of another? If you find that you are confused by the number of prescriptions you must take, then medication therapy management is the perfect solution. A medical professional can come to your home to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your medications. You’ll gain considerable useful knowledge, and learn about questions to ask your doctors.

acupuncture therapy

Acupuncture Therapy

Long accepted in Eastern cultures as a trusted healing method, acupuncture is becoming increasingly accepted in the West. It often is used as an additional therapy to assist patients who are living with a broad range of conditions. Chronic pain, neurological disorders, respiratory conditions and more all may be alleviated with in-home acupuncture therapy by Centric Healthcare

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