PCA Services: Why You Need a Personal Care Assistant

There are many people in Minnesota who are in dire need of the services of a personal care assistant, but who may feel that they are either not eligible, or that they cannot afford such a service. The problem with eligibility is that many folks believe that PCA services are reserved solely for the elderly, when in fact they are for anyone who is unable to perform their regular activities in and out of the home. Should you fall into that category, you will indeed be eligible for in-home help, and may even be able to receive this help with out of pocket expenses coming your way. While it is the elderly and infirm who routinely look for home health care, there are plenty of other situations where that sort of assistance may be required, even if only on a temporary basis. For example, if you have recently been in some sort of accident that has resulted in the loss of a limb, or you have to be in a wheelchair for an extended period of time, you are probably going to be in a position where you cannot adequately look after yourself. A personal care assistant can come to your home and help you with a variety of tasks until such time as their services are no longer required. One of the benefits of having a personal care assistant help you out is that they can work around your schedule. There are certainly instances where friends and family can help you, but in most cases, you are pretty much forced into working on a schedule that best suits them. A PCA can be in your home when you need them the most, and they can even see to it that you are able to get to and from appointments outside the home too. Having a personal care assistant is about more than just having someone who can help you with your duties around the home. For many people, it’s also about having a friendly face around, and someone who will provide excellent company when it is needed most. This is especially true for the elderly, who may not have a lot of friends, or who may have family that lives out of state or just not close enough to visit very often. It’s easy to become depressed in those situations, and the PCA is there to ensure that does not happen. At the start of this piece, we spoke about how money and eligibility were reasons why people avoided looking for in home help, and we have since shown how neither need be a major factor. One thing that we have not discussed is pride, which is another reason people refuse the help they so badly need. A personal care assistant is only there to help, and they do not ever judge your need for having them there. If pride is getting in the way of you making a call, please take a moment to think about how much better your current situation would be if you had a caring, helping hand there with you.

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