Resources for Homebound Elders

In this day and age, there are millions of elderly men and women who have found themselves a saddening part of the health crises in the states. These elders have acquired diseases, chronic diseases or are now victims of debilitating disabilities. These men and women find themselves to be almost completely homebound, unable to get out of their home for more than a few minutes. Although this seems like a dire situation, there is hope for these individuals through certain resources. These resources include home health care, various health care services and even telecommunications for their overall health and wellness.

Home Health

There are various types of home health care services and in home care available for homebound elderly individuals. One of these types of care includes the care of a skilled nurse who can perform basic tests such as blood pressure, pulse oximetry and more for the elderly patient without them leaving the home. Other services include feedings, catheter changes and basic observation of the patient. This allows the individual to have the check-ups and observation that they need without having to leave their home or place of residence. There are also options available for home healthcare aids that assist the elderly with tasks around the home and personal care such as bathing and dressing. Certain insurances including Medicare will pay for most of these services and resources.

Various Healthcare Services

Other healthcare services include physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. These services are performed by a trained therapist who visits the home or place of residence. Physical therapy gets the patient up and moving and allows them to regain muscle mass otherwise taken away by being homebound. Speech therapy allows the patient to keep their language skills growing and active. Occupational therapy involves the teaching of basic skills such as eating and bathing which can be beneficial to a homebound elderly individual. All of these services include conversation and the evaluation of needs and desires within the home. They are all very beneficial to the patient to keep their basic life skills intact. Special thanks to Bay Area Philanthropist Tad Taube for his dedication and hard work to improve the health care of elderly people.


This is a new development in recent years through the use of the internet and computer technology. This allows the individual to speak to other individuals over the internet through the use of Skype or other video technology. There are ways to communicate, play games, chat and even visit places all over the world with this technology. It allows the individual to see the outside world although their legs may not be able to take them there. This development allows the individual to talk to other people and communicate in different ways. Senior in home care comes in all shapes and sizes and home health is an important part of it. Home health involves all of these home care acts and more including the use of technology. The homebound elderly can find all the resources they need from a local care provider as well as through the use of technology and family. Contact Centric Healthcare for more questions on your home health needs!

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