Senior Independent Living: Basic Home Care Services

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The words “independent living” aren’t just the name of a group of services offered by Centric Healthcare. These words also describe the heart-felt desire of the majority of seniors and their caregivers. Do you want to live as independently as possible; but could use some help with personal needs like bathing, grooming and dressing? Do you prefer to remain in your own home; but activities of daily living like cleaning and cooking have become too much to keep up with? Are you dealing with health problems that require regular medical attention and threaten your independence? Are you the caregiver for a senior family member, and are feeling overwhelmed with the growing demands of your loved one’s needs? If these or similar situations describe you or an elderly person for whom you care, Centric Healthcare can help.

Centric Healthcare’s Services Include:

Senior Care

Aging is an unavoidable part of life. “Aging in place” is a term used to describe your choice to live independently in your home for as long as possible. We offer senior home care services that allow you to age in place. Ranging from help around the house to skilled nursing, we designed these services specifically with our elderly clients in mind. Both you and your caregivers can benefit from these services. We provide compassionate and respectful services of the highest quality so that you can enjoy improved well-being as you remain in the comfort of your home. Your caregivers, in turn, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are healthy and safe when they cannot always be with you.

Personal Care

For years, you have probably taken care of our own personal care needs like bathing, grooming, toileting, and dressing. However, statistics show that at some point in your life you will probably need some help with these activities of daily living. It might be a recent surgery that temporarily leaves you unable to meet your own personal care needs. It might be a chronic health condition, or it might be the persistent and increasing effects of aging that prevent you from doing these things without assistance. Either way, Centric Healthcare can help.

We understand that it is extremely difficult to allow someone to come into your private space and help you with some of the most personal tasks that are part of your daily life. For this reason, we screen and hire only well-trained professional staff. We will meet your needs, safeguard your dignity and help you to live independently.

Custodial Care

Custodial care refers to non-medical services that assist you in the performance of activities of daily living. We provide custodial care that includes help with personal hygiene, grooming, cooking, shopping and house cleaning. In most cases, custodial care needs are long-term. However, we also offer custodial care on a short-term basis to provide respite for your primary caregiver. Unlike Centric Healthcare’s skilled medical care services, custodial care does not require licensed medical staff. Therefore, these services offer an affordable and safe option for providing the non-medical support you need to remain in your home.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

When you are the primary caregiver for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, it is extremely challenging for everyone involved. Whether you are making sure they eat and take their medications, helping them with their activities of daily living or simply keeping them from harm’s way; it is common for caregivers to become overwhelmed and experience burnout. Centric Healthcare wants you to know that you don’t need to do all of this alone. We also want you to know that independent living is possible while Alzheimer’s or dementia symptoms remain mild.

Our trained staff can provide the respite care you need, and can help guide you through the emotions and challenges of caring for your loved one. Our services include: wandering prevention, walking assistance, transferring assistance, medication management and a wide range of personal care services. We also provide education that helps prepare you for changes that will occur down the road.

Fall Prevention

Anyone of any age can fall and suffer an injury. Seniors, however, have a particularly high risk of fall-induced injuries. In fact, falls are the leading cause of injuries resulting in death for elderly people over the age of 65. Falls are also the leading cause of non-fatal injuries among seniors. Studies show that approximately 1 in 3 seniors fall each year, and most of those falls occur at home.

Because this common risk threatens the well-being and independence of every senior, Centric Healthcare offers Fall Prevention services. These services can greatly reduces the risk of you falling in your home. Fall Prevention services include therapy interventions to help improve your strength and mobility. Services also include walking and transfer assistance. We can assess your living environment to help identify potential slipping and tripping hazards. We are also able to provide medication management to reduce side-effects that can impact your balance.

Social Care

As you grow older, the challenges to independent living are not limited to your healthcare and personal care needs. Your need for social interaction is also critical to the quality of your independent life. But how do you socialize when your health condition, limited mobility and lack of transportation options prevent you from getting out regularly? Centric Healthcare offers Social Care services that can help.

By using technology, our staff can help you stay connected to family and friends using popular social media platforms like FaceBook, and using video chat applications like FaceTime and Skype. Studies have shown that surfing the internet can reduce depression in seniors, and using FaceBook can improve their memory and mood. Our staff can also help you learn how to use your cell phone, use email and use internet search engines. You may not be able to get around as easily as before, but we’ll show you how you can stay connected.

Respite Care

Every senior caregiver needs to take breaks from time to time. Without adequate breaks or proper self-care, your primary caregiver can experience physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. We commonly refer to this state of exhaustion as burnout. To help your caregiver avoid burnout, Centric Healthcare offers Respite Care services. These services are temporary senior care services that relieve caregivers from the demands and stress of caring for their loved one 24 hours per day.

Respite care is flexible. You can schedule Respite Care services for a couple of hours a day, giving your caregiver the opportunity to run errands and have regular breaks. You can also schedule services for longer periods of time that make it possible for your caregiver to do things like go on vacation or take care of business that requires more than a few hours.

Night Supervision

Sometimes your healthcare needs may require overnight assistance or monitoring. Centric Healthcare offers Night Supervision services to meet those needs in your home. Night Supervision services are provided by qualified staff who remain awake throughout the night to provide the services while you sleep. Night Supervision tasks include reinforcing independent living skills, monitoring for safety or assisting with instrumental activities of daily living.

Companion Care

Everyone needs companionship and interaction with other people. Unfortunately, many seniors who live independently experience isolation and loneliness, especially when their family members live far away. Centric Healthcare offers Companion Care services to provide emotional support and companionship to seniors. In-home Companion Care is often focused on specific goals such as grocery shopping or housekeeping, but it can also involve simply sitting down and having a conversation. Companion Care is designed to improve the quality of your life and help you cope with the challenges of growing older. Achieving more than just meeting your physical needs, Companion Care provides a listening ear that allows you to express feelings of loss, share in laughter and the joys of life or just discuss the challenges of aging.

Palliative Care

For seniors living with a serious, life-limiting illness, Centric Healthcare offers Palliative Care services. These services combine multiple types of care to address the symptoms, pain and stress during any stage of illness. Our Palliative Care team will work with you, your family and your doctors to provide medical, social, emotional and spiritual support. The team is made of nurses, personal care providers, social workers, nutritionists and chaplains.

We can provide in-home Palliative Care along with treatments to cure your illness. When you are in a lot of pain, Palliative Care can include medications and therapies that keep you comfortable. Palliative Care is beneficial to many of our elderly clients who are experiencing general pain and discomfort late in life.

End of Life Care

When illness progresses to a stage that it is not curable, you and your doctor may choose to end treatments intended to cure it. Centric Healthcare offers End of Life Care for these circumstances. Like Palliative Care, End of Life Care provides medical, social, emotional and spiritual support to you and your family; but curative treatments end. Even while receiving End of Life Care, you can often continue to live in your own home. When receiving End of Life Care, the goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible. Although the end of life transition is natural, it is not easy. Our compassionate team of professionals can help you through it.

What are Independent Living Services?

As the name implies, independent living services are designed to help our clients live independently while they recuperate after surgery, rehab after an accident, manage short-term or long-term health conditions or face the realities of aging. Our Senior Independent Living services cover a wide range of helpful assistance. These services allow you or your elderly loved one to live a healthy and safe life with minimal dependence upon others. Services are both medical and non-medical in nature, and they can be short-term or long-term in duration. The best part about these services is that we assist you where you live. We can provide services to seniors in residential independent living facilities, or we can serve you in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Because independent living is their goal, most of Centric Healthcare’s senior clients prefer our in-home care services. At the same time, we understand that it can be difficult to allow someone in your house or apartment to provide home care. Therefore, we work with you to design a service plan that not only provides you with the help you need; but delivers the help in a manner that feels comfortable to you. Our experienced professionals will earn your trust by giving you the compassionate services you deserve with respect and dignity. From help with your activities of daily living to licensed medical care, we will customize our Senior Independent Living services to meet your unique preferences and needs.

Benefits of In-Home Senior Independent Living Services

Simply stated, the number one benefit of in-home Senior Independent Living Services is that they allow you to age in place.

They save you money.

Nursing homes and other communal living facilities for seniors are quite expensive. Depending on the level of medical and non-medical care you need, the cost of living in one of these facilities can easily cost more than you were able to earn in the prime of your life. Having said that, aging in place also comes with a financial cost. Sometimes, remaining in your home will require modifications for accessibility and safety like installing grab bars in your shower or building an entry ramp to your front porch. The cost of those modifications must be taken into consideration when choosing the best course of action for yourself. In-home services required to age in place may require out-of-pocket expenses; but those costs are typically less than out-of-pocket expenses incurred in residential facilities. However, compared side by side with the cost of residential facilities, remaining in your own home as you age will usually provide you with significant financial benefits. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development states that choosing to age in place can save you thousands of dollars every month in care costs.

They make it possible for you to live where you feel the most comfortable.

As Dorothy claims in the Wizard of Oz, “There is no place like home.” For many seniors, the emotional benefits of aging in place are even more valuable than the financial benefits. When you have more control over your routines and life decisions, you are happier. If you have the option of staying in the house familiar to you, surrounded by your friends, belongings and memories, wouldn’t you choose to stay? Our in-home Senior Independent Living services give you that option.

They help you to age in better health.

Remaining in your home, surrounded by your support network and comforted by a familiar environment can benefit your physical, mental and emotional health. Studies show how this familiarity can help you reduce stress, help you maintain mental function and help you slow memory loss. One study of elderly adults who aged in place showed that they had better outcomes in the areas of cognition, depression, activities of daily living, and incontinence than those in nursing home care. The health benefits derived from remaining in your home can translate into additional cost savings through reduced healthcare costs down the road.

When Should You Consider In-Home Care? 

Knowing when you need in-home Senior Independent Living services can be difficult for both you and your primary caregiver. However, there are a number of early signs that can help you know when it’s time to look into these services. Things to watch for include:

Increase in Accidents and Near Accidents:

While accidents can happen to anyone, an increased occurrence might mean that there’s an issue with mobility or passageways in the home. Our in-home care can address these issues and devise a plan to minimize accidents and make your home safer.

Change in Eating Habits:

Significant weight loss or gain can indicate that you are not eating as healthy as you should. It might mean that your appetite is changing or that you are not able to cook for yourself as you once did. Our in-home care services help you maintain healthy eating habits and ensure that meals aren’t being missed. We can also help inform your healthcare provider if changes in your eating pattern might be the result of other health conditions.

Changes in Personal Hygiene: 

Are you noticing a change in your loved one’s personal hygiene?  Are they looking disheveled, wearing dirty clothes, skipping baths or neglecting personal grooming? A decline in your loved one’s appearance and hygiene can result from many age-related issues, including their inability to do laundry or their lack of feeling safe in the shower or tub. Our in-home care services can help ensure good personal hygiene while alerting you if serious issues arise that might affect your loved one’s health.

Increase in Clutter: 

Depending on the situation, increased clutter around the house can indicate an inability to keep up with house work. When cleaning the house seems overwhelming, our in-home care services can help reduce the stress and worry of maintaining a healthy and safe living environment.

Unmanaged Mail: 

When mail starts to pile up, bills go unpaid and envelopes remain unopened; it might be time to consider help.  Our in-home care services can systematically go through all delivered mail and assist you in responding to important notices in a timely manner while and helping you identify junk mail and scams.

Improper Medication Administration: 

Have you noticed any issues with remembering to take your prescription medication? Have you ever taken more than the prescribed dosage? Are you taking so many medications at different times of the day that it has all become too confusing? The services we offer include skilled nursing and medication management. We can help ensure that you are taking your medication as prescribed and help you to properly dispose of any expired medication.

Change in the Amount and Type of Stored Food:

Sometimes, too much food on the shelves or a severe lack of food in the house can be signs that shopping has become difficult. As a way of avoiding food shopping, some seniors may purchase large numbers of ready-made meals to store in the freezer. While this isn’t an immediate cry for help, these meals can be high in sodium and can lead to poor nutrition. We offer a many services related to nutrition, shopping and meal preparation. Additionally, our in-home care providers can regularly check your refrigerator, freezer and pantry to help you dispose of any expired foods.

Neglect of House, Lawn, Plants, and Pets:

An unclean house, overgrown lawn, unattended house repairs, dying plants and neglected pets are some of the more noticeable signs you may see when it is time to consider in-home care services. You may have been able to keep up with all of these tasks before, but the effects of aging, illness and disability can make keeping up impossible now. We want you to know that we can help. Our services ensure that you remain healthy and safe while you continue to live in your home.

What is the Cost of Independent Living Services?

This may be stating the obvious; but whether you live in a residential facility or remain in your home, Senior Independent Living services are going to cost something. The exact cost to you will depend upon many factors including where you live, the services you need, the frequency of services and what type of insurance you have. As you make the decision to either age in place or move to a residential facility, cost will definitely be one of the many factors you consider. However, it is important to remember that cost will not be the only factor.

When comparing the cost benefits between living independently at home and living in a communal facility, the general rule of thumb is this: If you require 40 hours or less of services per week, then home care will usually be a less expensive option than assisted living. However, one way to know for sure is to sit down with one of Centric Healthcare’s consultants and calculate the actual costs of services according to your unique situation.

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When you reach the point in your life at which you are ready to consider Senior Independent Living services for yourself or your loved one, Centric Healthcare stands ready to help. Call us to schedule a free consultation. In Rochester, call us at (507) 205-7322. In the Twin Cities, call us at (952) 224-5535.

We look forward to sitting down with you to discuss the services you desire, and our available service options. We’ll listen to your concerns and preferences, and we’ll answer all of your questions. We’ll help you calculate the exact cost of services to you, and provide you with all the information you need to make the best possible decision.

Independent Living in Rochester, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, Minnesota

At Centric Healthcare, we realize that you have choices. We are one of several providers of Senior Independent Living services operating in the Rochester, Minneapolis, and St. Paul communities. Therefore, our goal is to set ourselves apart by providing the highest quality of client-centered services you will find in the area. When you choose us for your Senior Independent Living and Home Care services, you can rest assured that no other provider is more qualified, more accessible, more flexible or more focused on you.

Contact us for a free consultation and we believe that you’ll agree with us: Centric Healthcare is the premier provider of Senior Independent Living and Home Care services, and we’re the best choice for you.