What Is Private Duty Nursing?

As part of our wider range of residential home health care services, here at Centric Healthcare, we can provide private duty nursing or home care nursing to those in need of medical assistance in the home. Because sometimes our loved ones need a little more than a helping hand around the house. Our patient centered care system ensures excellent treatment plans, designed specifically with the needs of the individual in mind. While at home, the skilled-care nurse offers a level of comfort and familiarity that just can’t be found anywhere else. All of our patients collaborate with friendly nurses and other healthcare professionals in order for us to work out how to fulfill each of their needs to the best of our ability. Whatever the level of care you need from your private duty nurse, you can rest assured that with Centric Healthcare, you will receive:

Reliable and skilled nursing care

We know that when it comes to searching for medical care, the quality of treatment is the most important thing. That’s why we scope out only the most qualified professionals when hiring our nursing staff. All of our private duty nurses are highly skilled and well able to perform a huge range of medical tasks.

Care up to 24 hours a day

Whenever our specialist care and advice is needed, we will be there. Whether it’s midday or 3 am, our private duty nurses are available for scheduled visits 24 hours a day. So you can rest easy at night knowing that someone will be there to help your loved one. What’s more, we know that medical requirements don’t always stay the same. Our service allows as many or as few hours of care to be arranged, as per your changing needs.

Private care and one-on-one service

Because we care about the dignity and comfort of our patients, we deliver treatment on a one-on-one basis to ensure each individual benefits from our undivided attention. This arrangement also promotes a more personal relationship. What comes from this is, among other benefits, a better understanding of patient needs. And in turn, enhanced levels of patient care. Patients eligible to benefit from our private duty nursing service include:
  • Adults with disability
  • Minors with disability
  • Elderly with severe medical conditions
  • Homebound seniors with medical conditions
For more questions about private duty nursing, contact Centric Healthcare today to see if you’re eligible for our premier home health care services!

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