What to Put in a COVID-19 Care Package

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Covid-19 Care Package

A COVID-care package comprises a well-thought box that is filled with a variety of goodies that can be sent to one's family members along with friends. Most of the time, these ultimate care packages include up to three to five items that can hold any specific or special meaning like someone's favorite cookies or bar of chocolate, scented and flavored tea bags, comfortable pair of socks, collectibles, or photographs with some sentimental values or any such similar item. A very popular package for couples engaged in a long-distance relationship is any clothing that has been sprayed with the favorite perfume or cologne of the significant half. There is no right and/or wrong method to assemble any package, as long as it contains objects that a person holds special. Additionally, hand-crafted materials also hold a significant and sentimental value. Thus, the purpose of delivering a special care package is to constantly remind one’s friends or family that they are always being thought about. The COVID-19 scenario can become overwhelming, especially if a person stays far or in a different country or is in self-isolation. Hence, sending small packages containing tokens of remembrance and care is a minor gesture that a person is constantly being cared about. There are varieties of COVID-19 emergency home care kit that can be assembled. These include

a) Self-care packages: These contain objects such as Scented candles, herbal tea, Any journal, Coloring books accompanied with pencils, Blankets, Soap and shampoo

b) Puzzle-care package: These may contain puzzle books, embroidery kits, books, Knitting kit and Board games

c) Home care packages: These may contain items like mugs, chocolate, soaps, photographs among others

d) Speedy recovery package: These contain hot water bottle, pajamas, blankets, get well soon card;

e) COVID-19 health-care package: These contain items for those individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and include mask, handwritten card, coloring books along with colored pencils, snacks, essential oil soap, hot or cold pack, and stress-relieving tea. This specialized package also contains informative material for self-treatment while staying at home, how to remain separated from other household members, and a COVID-19 hot-line number for emergency use.

What to Put in a Covid-19 Emergency Home-care Kit

The Covid-19 emergency home-care kit comprises a pulse oximeter that monitors blood oxygen levels, a digital thermometer along with paracetamol or acetaminophen for reducing fever and muscle ache. The instructions regarding the usage of these products are also provided within the kit.

Patients who are in need of close monitoring may be given a digital thermometer equipped with Blue-tooth technology. Thus, whenever the patient records his or her temperature all through the day, the recorded temperature reading is observed directly by the health care team. This includes individuals with COVID-19 who are self-treating themselves at their homes or monitoring those who have been discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment.

To assist with self-treatment protocols at home, all patients receive continuous and timed follow-up calls from registered nursing practitioners. These individuals provide continuous instructions on the ability for using these devices for 24 × 7 monitoring of body temperature, pulse, oxygen levels, and respiratory rate.

These covid survival kit also contain sufficient quantities of soap, liquid hand wash, hand sanitizers, and household bleach for keeping all surfaces sanitized and clean. First aid material should be made available for treating minor traumas or injuries to avoid frequent visits to medical stores or pharmacies for items such as bandages, topically applied anti-itch powder, disinfectants, and Neosporin. Also, sufficient supplies of disposable paper towels, paper tissues along toilet paper should be made available. An adequate supply of single-use disposable latex or nitrile gloves should also be made available.

However, certain prohibited items cannot be sent through courier or shipping services, hence, one should avoid not including these in one’s package. These may include objects like aerosols, liquids such as gels, perfumes or toiletries, certain types of medicines or drugs, and battery supplies.

Also, if one is sending any food items, these must be non-perishable and should be properly packaged. The package must not contain liquid items to avoid spillage. Thus, it is very important to abide by certain rules, if one is planning to send any food items as a care package.

Also, a calling card may be provided for emergency usage or an emergency number should be provided in case any health emergency arises.

Centric Healthcare Assist

How Can Centric Healthcare Assist You on Your COVID-19 Battle

Centric healthcare assists in a person’s COVID-19 battle by aiding in many services such as

a) Providing teleconsultation

b) Providing laboratory services

c) Providing round the clock nursing staff

d) Providing 24 hours physician advice and consultation

e) By attending to emergency services

f) By providing ambulance services

g) By helping with food supplies if the whole family is in self-isolation

h) Providing psychiatric counseling for handling psychological and mental issues and well-being.

Our health care services help in combating post-covid-19 complications in patients who have recovered from the infection. Trained nursing staff provide special care to the old aged patients assisting them in their day-to-day activities.

Learning about a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 is a scary experience for both the patients along with their family members. Thus, to help COVID-19 patients in the recovery process, our specialized healthcare program is providing help on care packages selection.

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